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Improving Newcourt’s Infrastructure 


Typical of any new community, Newcourt has many teething problems and issues that need to be addressed with planners, developers, local authorities and utility companies. Some of these issues are specific to individual residents, some are community wide.



  • Develop a relationship with ECC and developers whereby they proactively communicate with the NCA on all planning and development matters that could impact Newcourt residents.

  • Establish and maintain good relations with the local IKEA management team.

  • Continue to address issues identified in the adoption survey.

  • Campaign for a Multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA), to be constructed at the same time as the new housing development adjacent to the IKEA store.




  • By Q1 2018, provide residents with signposts to all 53 out of scope issues identified in the adoption survey.

  • By Q2 2018, gain the commitment of DCC, ECC and relevant developers to implement the 9 Phase 1 proposals from the adoption team.

  • By Q2 2018, develop Phase 2 proposals from the adoption team.

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