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Our Mission represents what we do


  1. We connect and communicate with residents through face to face, printed and electronic means.

  2. We manage and maintain a Community Centre to provide a range of activities that benefit the community and generate revenue to sustain the facility.

  3. We aim to unite and actively involve residents to build a sense of community, promoting mutual support and safety.

  4. We organise community-building activities whilst supporting groups in their local activities.

  5. We facilitate individuals, working groups and initiatives to help address local issues.

  6. We advocate and campaign on behalf of community needs, acting as the collective voice of residents with local businesses, authorities and developers.

  7. We reach out to underrepresented areas of the growing community and look to nurture and develop representation from those areas.

  8. We work to build good relationships with the wider communities of Exeter and Devon, local authorities, developers, and other organisations relevant to the Newcourt community.


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