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Improving the environment

Continue existing environment-enhancing initiatives, including litter picks, completing the work on the Community Garden at the back of the Community Centre, and aiming for further success in the 2017 Britain in Bloom competition.

The monthly litter picks have continued this year and residents of all ages encouraged to take part - though still only a small number take part. We would like to see more involvement.

The Community Garden at the rear of the Centre is coming on a-pace, with a number of residents taking responsibility for upkeep of small plots. Several residents have improved the areas of open space near their homes with flowers and trees. NCA did not manage to enter to 'Britain in Bloom' this year as no resident was able to lead this.

The Community Arts Newcourt (CAN) team have completed phase one of the timeline, which is now framed and in the corridor on the first floor of the Centre.

Residents who are 'Friends of Newcourt Station' (FoNS) have worked hard to keep the station tidy, and maintain beautiful flower boxes on the platform and tractor tyres filled with flowers on the footpaths into the station area.

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