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Negotiating parking arrangements and essential restrictions as roads continue

to be adopted


Being ready to negotiate appropriate parking restriction / permit arrangements (including yellow lines) for implementation at the point of road adoption. Secure agreements with DCC and Exeter Chiefs for parking restrictions and control, related to Rugby fans and station users abusing the resident parking areas.

A small working group - commissioned by the NCA trustees - has been tasked with looking at traffic management and other issues linked to the progressive Adoption of the development by the local authority.

During August and September, every Newcourt resident had the opportunity to take part in an online survey covering these issues and more. The survey included mentioning existing and future problems, when and where they occur, and being able to offer suggestions about how things could be improved. This input will be invaluable in future decisions.

An update on the working group’s activities, and an initial analysis of the survey responses, is available here:

A detailed analysis of the survey responses has now been completed by the working group. They recommended a phased approach to take this forward. Phase 1 contains nine proposals which have been endorsed and accepted by the Trustees.

These proposals will be shared with Newcourt residents at the Open Trustees meeting on 16th November. You can view them here:

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